Alexium International Group Limited (AJX)

Alexium International Group Limited is an Australia-based company engaged in conducting research and development on new technology, licensing its intellectual properties and selling its specialized chemistry to customers. It operates in Australia, the United States and Cyprus. The Company specializes in developing flame retardant chemistries for many fabrics, including synthetic-rich fabrics, in the textile industry. The Company sells three series of chemistries that can be customized for particular needs, which include Alexiflam, is flame retardant treatment for polyester, cotton and poly-cotton blends; Alexiflam-NF, which is a treatment for cotton rich and wool rich blends, and can be applied with conventional textile equipment and does not melt or drip, and Alexiflam-SYN, which is treatment for 100% polyester, 100% acrylic, 100% nylon and synthetic-rich blends. The Company utilizes Reactive Surface Treatment (RST) technology. Its subsidiaries are Alexium Limited and Alexium Inc.
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