Dividends IAG (History)

Dividend History – Insurance Australia Group
In this section we provide you with the dividend history for Insurance Australia Group (IAG) since the year 2001. In the table below we have mentioned the dividend announcement date, ex-dividend date, dividend pay date, payment type, dividend type, gross dividend and net dividend.
Announcement Date Ex. Date Pay Date Payment Type Record Date Dividend Type Amount(Gross) Amount(Net) Currency
12-Nov-2013 04-Sep-2014 08-Oct-2014 Cash Dividend 10-Sep-2014 Final -- -- --
12-Nov-2013 27-Feb-2014 02-Apr-2014 Cash Dividend 05-Mar-2014 Interim 0.185714 0.13 AUD
14-Dec-2012 05-Sep-2013 09-Oct-2013 Cash with Stock Alternative 11-Sep-2013 Final 0.357143 0.25 AUD
14-Dec-2012 28-Feb-2013 03-Apr-2013 Cash Dividend 06-Mar-2013 Interim 0.157143 0.11 AUD
23-Aug-2012 30-Aug-2012 03-Oct-2012 Cash Dividend 05-Sep-2012 Final 0.171429 0.12 AUD
23-Feb-2012 01-Mar-2012 04-Apr-2012 Cash Dividend 07-Mar-2012 Interim 0.071429 0.05 AUD
25-Aug-2011 01-Sep-2011 05-Oct-2011 Cash Dividend 07-Sep-2011 Final 0.1 0.07 AUD
26-Aug-2010 03-Mar-2011 11-Apr-2011 Cash Dividend 09-Mar-2011 Interim 0.128571 0.09 AUD
25-Feb-2010 02-Sep-2010 06-Oct-2010 Cash Dividend 08-Sep-2010 Final 0.064286 0.045 AUD
25-Feb-2010 03-Mar-2010 12-Apr-2010 Cash Dividend 10-Mar-2010 Interim 0.121429 0.085 AUD
21-Aug-2009 27-Aug-2009 02-Oct-2009 Cash Dividend 02-Sep-2009 Final 0.085714 0.06 AUD
02-Oct-2008 04-Mar-2009 08-Apr-2009 Cash Dividend 11-Mar-2009 Interim 0.057143 0.04 AUD
09-Jul-2008 28-Aug-2008 03-Oct-2008 Cash Dividend 03-Sep-2008 Final 0.128571 0.09 AUD
29-Feb-2008 05-Mar-2008 14-Apr-2008 Cash Dividend 12-Mar-2008 Interim 0.192857 0.135 AUD
24-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007 08-Oct-2007 Cash Dividend 05-Sep-2007 Final 0.228571 0.16 AUD
22-Feb-2007 07-Mar-2007 16-Apr-2007 Cash Dividend 14-Mar-2007 Interim 0.192857 0.135 AUD
12-Apr-2006 18-May-2006 26-Jun-2006 Cash Dividend 24-May-2006 Special 0.186567 0.125 AUD
23-Feb-2006 31-Aug-2006 09-Oct-2006 Cash Dividend 06-Sep-2006 Final 0.228571 0.16 AUD
23-Feb-2006 02-Mar-2006 10-Apr-2006 Cash Dividend 08-Mar-2006 Interim 0.192857 0.135 AUD
19-Aug-2005 08-Sep-2005 17-Oct-2005 Cash Dividend 14-Sep-2005 Final 0.207143 0.145 AUD
24-Feb-2005 09-Mar-2005 18-Apr-2005 Cash Dividend 16-Mar-2005 Interim 0.171429 0.12 AUD
19-Aug-2004 09-Sep-2004 18-Oct-2004 Cash Dividend 15-Sep-2004 Final 0.2 0.14 AUD
26-Feb-2004 11-Mar-2004 19-Apr-2004 Cash Dividend 17-Mar-2004 Interim 0.114286 0.08 AUD
21-Aug-2003 04-Sep-2003 13-Oct-2003 Cash Dividend 10-Sep-2003 Final 0.1 0.07 AUD
27-Feb-2003 05-Mar-2003 14-Apr-2003 Cash Dividend 12-Mar-2003 Interim 0.064286 0.045 AUD
20-Aug-2002 19-Sep-2002 21-Oct-2002 Cash Dividend 25-Sep-2002 Final 0.085714 0.06 AUD
04-Mar-2002 26-Mar-2002 29-Apr-2002 Cash Dividend 03-Apr-2002 Interim 0.064286 0.045 AUD
31-Aug-2001 13-Sep-2001 22-Oct-2001 Cash Dividend 19-Sep-2001 Final 0.085714 0.06 AUD
05-Mar-2001 22-Mar-2001 30-Apr-2001 Cash Dividend 28-Mar-2001 Interim 0.060606 0.04 AUD

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