Roc Oil Company Limited (ROC) is an Australia-based company engaged in oil and gas exploration, development and production. The Company operates across the range of upstream business activities, from exploration and appraisal to development, and production delivery. The Company operates the Zhao Dong Oil Fields, Bohai Bay, Offshore China; Cliff Head Oil Field, WA-31-L, Offshore Western Australia; Blane Oil Field, North Sea; Enoch Oil and Gas Field, North Sea; WZ 6-12 and WZ 12-8 West Oil Field Development, Beibu Gulf, Offshore China, and BMG Oil and Gas Fields, VIC/L26, VIC/L27 and VIC/L28, Offshore Victoria. The Beibu gulf project (offshore china) commenced production in March 2013 and the production is expected to reach peak production in late 2013. ROC also has a 15 year small field risk service contract for the development of the Balai cluster fields in Malaysia which could be in production as early as 2015.
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