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  • At the core of our stock selection process is meticulous, hands on research. When our investment team examines potential recommendations for our research reports, we don’t just rely on numbers in a balance sheet. Our analysts dig deeper and look for new growth catalysts. Combining quantitative rigor and qualitative scrutiny, Kalkine’s Research Team seeks out the complete perspective of a company’s financial strength, growth prospects and valuation.
  • In-depth, conservative business appraisals underpin all decisions. Corporate management's capability, incentives, and business decisions greatly impact our outcome.
  • We approach equities through rigorous fundamental analysis of the drivers of potential investment risk and return. We look at both qualitative and quantitative factors in assessing the risk/reward parameters and perform extensive due diligence.
  • With regard to selling a stock we consider three criteria :-
    • Price approaches current appraisal.
    • Business' earnings power is permanently impaired.
    • Management proves incapable of building value and replacing leadership is not feasible.

Classification of Companies

We classify companies as per the below classifications. Different investors have liking for different companies as per their investment strategy.

Large-cap Mid-cap Small-cap Micro-cap Nano-cap
More than$10 billion between$2 billion- $10 billion between$250 million- $2 billion below$250 million below$50 million


The recommendations are classified in three categories:-

  • BUY BU -These are the stocks that we think are a buy currently. There are no guarantees, but by looking at the financial statements we are looking at odds and probabilities instead of certainties.
  • HOLD HO -These are the stocks that we are happy to hold. The hold has been put on these stocks in expectation of improvement in their price.
  • SELL SE -These are the stocks that we believe it’s a time to sell. We do not depend on market movement to sell a share, we simply think about a stock individually.

Our Focus is on the Long Term

As a business, we strive to: -

  • Be disciplined and consistent – We adhere to a rigorous analysis process to identify investment opportunities. Our analysts are intellectually curious, creative and analytical. In addition to being passionate about the markets and interested in the research process , analysts typically possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Be Innovative – The pursuit of growth requires more than mere opinions. It takes spotting real opportunities. With KALKINE you can tap into research about industries and companies that provides you with new investment ideas on a weekly basis.
  • Be Client Focused – Various investors turn to Kalkine's independent perspective as they make their decisions. We are intensely client focused and our businesss model is based on providing objective research built on extensive, high-quality data and sound methodologies.

Release Times

  • Kalkine Investor Report is  released on Monday (6.00 PM) of every week.

  • Kalkine Resources Report is released on Wednesday (6.00 PM) of every week.
  • During the Easter Week (Week 17), Christmas Week (Week 52) and New Year week (Week 1) Kalkine Reports are not published. Kalkine Daily is published during the working days.

Special Reports

  • In special reports we look at the macroeconomic picture and what’s happening around the world. We cover various industry sectors within Australia and then drill down to individual stocks within those setors.

  • We look at metrics such as unemployment, GDP, Inflation. We also look at the Fiscal and Monetary policies of major economies.


Member Support

  • As part of your membership to "KALKINE" reports we provide all subscribers the ability to call and speak to your account manager about any questions or questions you may have about the reports between the hours of: 9AM - 5PM Monday to Friday. The advice given by "KALKINE" and provided on this website  is general information only and it does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. In summary, "KALKINE" is happy to answer calls regarding our published material, however due to strict AFSL and ASIC requirements we simply cannot answer questions related to you personal financial circumstances.

General Advice

  • We do not provide any kind of personal advice related to individual portfolios of clients. We only provide general equities advice regarding which stocks to buy, sell or hold.


Kalkine Pty Ltd (ABN 34 154 808 312) holds Australian Financial Services Licence (425376). Kalkine is authorised to provide general advice only. The information on this site does not take into account any of your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you make a decision about whether to acquire a financial product, you should obtain the Product Disclosure Statement from the product issuer. You should consider the appropriateness of advice taking into account your own objectives, financial situation and needs and seek independent financial advice before making any financial decisions.
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