Kalkine Gold Report

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12 month(s)
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Gold Report

While diversification of equity portfolio is something that investors typically eye for, one space that has always remained attractive is encircled by the safe-haven asset, GOLD. Gold is considered as a safe haven in the international market due to its ability to provide a hedge against systematic risk and non-systematic risk. Gold tends to perform better at the time of global uncertainties in the form of a hedge, and also performs well when an economy thrives; reason being, a thriving economy pushes up gold demand in the form of assets such as Jewelleries, Coins, etc. Thus, having a strategic position in gold could provide investors with a smooth ride over long-term growth. While the recent skyrocketing movement in gold prices and gold stocks has been questioned to be genuine or not, it nevertheless aims to support the long term profile that has always been an encouraging one.

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