Blackmores Limited (Blackmores) is engaged in the development and marketing of health products for humans and animals, including vitamins, herbal and mineral nutritional supplements. The Company has operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The Company offers products for Arthritis, Joint, Bone and Muscle; Brain Health; Children's Health; Cold, Flu and Immunity; Digestive Health; Energy; Everyday Health; Eye Health; Heart & Circulation; Men’s Health; Heart & Circulation; Men's Health; Nails, Hair & Skin; Nutritional Oils; Stress Relief; Teen Health; Weight Management, and Women’s Health. The Company’s subsidiaries are Blackmores Nominees Pty Limited, Pat Health Limited, Blackmores (Taiwan) Limited, Pure Animal Wellbeing Pty Limited and Blackmores (New Zealand) Limited, Blackmores (Singapore) Pte Limited, and among others.
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