Capilano Honey (CZZ)

Capilano Honey Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company is engaged in packing of honey for domestic and export sales. The Company has the capacity to process 45,000 tons of honey per annum. The Company supplies honey to more the 30 countries around the globe.  Company’s products includes: pure Australian honey, active manuka honey, premium floral honey, specialty honey and certified organic honey.  The Australian honey comes under, jars, twist and squeeze packs, upside down squeeze pack and bulk packs. Active manuka honey further offers: bee vital manuka active 5+,  bee vital manuka active 10+, capilano manuka active 5+ and capilano manuka active 12+. Seasonal honey further offers: orange blossom, cool mountain iron bark, Tasmania rain forest honey and capilano jarrah. Speciality honey offers: honey shots, molasses etc.
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