Clean TeQ Holdings Ltd (CLQ)

Clean TeQ Holdings Limited is engaged in the provision of industrial air purification and odor elimination solutions. The Company is engaged in the ongoing development and commercialization of its Continuous Ionic Filtration and Macroporous Polymer Adsorption resin technologies for application in the purification and recycling of industrial and mining waste waters. It is also engaged in the development and use of the Clean-iX technology for application in the extraction and purification for a range of resources in the mining industry, including base metals, precious metals and rare earth elements and the development of the consolidated entity's Syerston Project in New South Wales. Its segments include Water, which offers a suite of water technologies filter, separate and purify polluted waters for drinking, agriculture, recreation or industrial use, and Metals, which offers the Clean-iX technology for a range of resources, such as base metals, precious metals and radioactive elements.
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