Creso Pharma Ltd (CPH)

Creso Pharma Limited is engaged in developing cannabis and hemp derived therapeutic products. The Company's products will supplement unbalanced, naturally occurring endocannabinoids with cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, naturally synergizing the body's endocannabinoid system. Its BioLingus platform uses micro-encapsulation technology optimized for sublingual delivery of bio-active molecules, such as proteins, peptides, and small molecules. Its INNutri Soft Gums is an oral dissolvable dosage form, which allows the development of filled and unfilled soft gums. INNutri Soft Gums are suited for both geriatric and pediatric use. The Company in partnership with Glatt Pharmaceutical Services, will develop bioavailable enteric-coated tablets based on Syloid XDP Silica. The Company develops and commercializes cannabidiol (CBD) nutraceutical products specifically adapted to the veterinary segment with delivery mechanisms and formulations adapted to the animal health segment.

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