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In this section we focus on dividend stocks that we have covered in the past and that are providing you a dividend yield of more than 6%. The Dividend yield is current at the date of publishing this title “3 Dividend Stocks paying more than 6%”. For an income investor in listed companies there are few more important ratios than the dividend yield. There are only two reasons why the dividend yield will change either the stock price changes or the payout ratio changes. The stock price can change for a number of reasons. As for the payout ratio changing the level of dividends per share changing this is a choice of the management and the company board. Find 6% yielding Dividend stocks, We show you which Dividend stocks to buy at your finger tips.

Australian Infrastructure Sector Dividend Stock

Spark Infrastructure – Dividend Yield – 6.47%
Spark Infrastructure Group is an Australia-based company is engaged in the investment in electricity distribution businesses in Victoria and South Australia. It operates in two segments: Victoria Power Networks, which represents the 49% interest in two electricity distribution businesses in Victoria (i.e. CitiPower and Powercor) and SA Power Networks, which represents the 49% interest in the electricity distribution business in South Australia. To read more click here.

Australian Media Sector Dividend Stock

Southern Cross Media - Dividend Yield – 6.82%
Southern Cross Media Group Limited is engaged in the creation and broadcasting of content on free to air commercial radio (frequency modulation and digital), television (TV) and online media platforms across Australia. To read more click here.

Dividend Stocks to buy - Insurance Sector

Insurance Australia Group – Dividend Yield – 6.82%

Insurance Australia Group is engaged in underwriting of general insurance and related corporate services. The company operates in five segments: Australian Direct Insurance, Australian intermediated insurance, New Zealand Insurance, Asian Insurance along with other corporate and investing activities. To read more click here.

Note – These dividend yields are current at the date of publishing this article (30/03/2014).
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