Drillsearch Energy (DLS)

Drillsearch is engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and gas interests. Drillsearch operates in three segments: Oil, Wet Gas and Unconventional. Drillsearch owns a portfolio of Oil and gas assets in Canada, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The company operates in Cooper Eromanga Basin and Gippsland Basin in Australia, PPL244 – Papua Basin in Papua New Guinea and Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in Canada. Drillsearch is headquartered in Sydney. The company's project includes Cooper-Eromanga Basins (Cooper Basin), located in Central Australia and spans the north-eastern region of South Australia and the south-western region of Queensland. It supplies Cooper Basin gas in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria markets via a pipeline network. Drillsearch Energy is also involved in the exploration of wet gas within the Western and Northern Cooper Basin; and unconventional oil and gas resources through its two project areas that include the Central Cooper Basin-Nappamerri Trough Shale and Basin Centred Gas Fairway, and the Western Cooper Basin-Patchawarra Trough Tight Gas Fairway.
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